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24 Hour Assistance
We are here to care for you and your family in your time of need day or night offering 24 hour on call funeral services. This allows families the opportunity to gain the immediate attention they need.

Our friendly, professional and highly experienced administration team at Tipene Funerals are usually the first point of call and make it their duty to ensure that the administration tasks are completed with diligence and professionalism. The role of Administration is to obtain a Death Certificate from The Department of Internal Affairs on your behalf, in most cases this will finalize the deceased estate such as ACC, Work and Income Funeral Grant, KiwiSaver, Insurance and Bank Accounts.

As part of our Admin Team, we will liaise on your behalf with medical staff to obtain a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, or the Coroner’s Release Documents. We also assist with placing of the family notice in the New Zealand Herald or any other local newspapers in New Zealand.

With the large number of New Zealanders migrating overseas the passing of a loved one often happens suddenly, therefore we will assist with any documentation, such as compassionate airfares and immigration documentation, required for families to return to New Zealand to attend the funeral service.


International Repatriation
In the case where a loved one passes away overseas and is to be returned to New Zealand, we will liaise with the appropriate people in order for a smooth return home. Your loved one will be uplifted at the airport and checked over at our Funeral Home to ensure that the presentation is of the highest standard. In the occurrence that your loved one is to return overseas, we will make the necessary arrangements for their departure.

Marae Referrals
By our strong Māori background we understand the cultural needs of whānau (families). Through our association with Marae throughout New Zealand, we can support and organize aspects of the Tangihanga (funeral) to ease the burden when losing a loved one.

Funeral Service Planning
Through our vast experience, we will assist you through every aspect of honoring your loved one. From organizing ministers or celebrants, cremation or burial plots, to officiating funeral services, and even the finer points such as floral arrangements, newspaper notifications and order of service sheets. Nothing is ever too much or not enough when it comes to planning a funeral. As long as it is legal and of good taste we are here to make it happen. One of our caring funeral directors will be here to guide you through the planning of the funeral assisting you every step of the way.

We have a family sized chapel with the seating capacity of up to 180 people. We also have state of the art audio visual technology which allow for power point presentation, if so desired, and the capacity to connect families around the world to the service. In the instance where our chapel may be too small, we will explore other venues specific to your requirements such as your local Council owned and operated Chapels, Cemeteries and Crematoriums. We also respect families who identify themselves with a religious group or other cultural specific groups.

At Tipene Funerals, we offer a range of vehicles to assist with the funeral service. We possess a silver and black Cadillac Hearse which we transport the deceased to their final resting place. We also have a black family hearse which we lease to people who wish to take their loved one to a burial plot or Marae in locations outside the Auckland region. The family hearse has become popular with families because affordable transportation of the deceased becomes one less thing to worry about. In total we have a fleet of four hearses which have the honourable task of transporting your loved ones. We also have two follow cars.

Casket Selection
At Tipene Funerals, we have a wide selection of caskets on display. We understand that selecting a casket for your loved one can be difficult. We will help you through this process making sure you are given the option to personalize the casket. We offer coloured caskets, cremation caskets and even carved Maori caskets. We also hold the American Batesville caskets.

In the situation that you require your loved one to be disinterred from the current place of rest and reinterred to a new location, our team here at Tipene Funerals will assist you with making this as smooth as possible. There is a lot of preparation involved before we undertake the disinterment and can often take a lot of time, but we are willing and able to take the necessary actions to make this happen.

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