When it comes to funerals most of us don’t like to think about them. Today, there are more people that are changing the way they feel towards funerals and being organised about them, and they find that it makes a lot more sense to pre-arrange their funeral and/or join a funeral cover plan that adds financial security for when that time comes.

We have decided to take that organisation a little further for you by putting together a few templates to help you get started.

Below are a few resources for you to download, print off and get some ideas and details down on paper.

  • 1. What happens when someone passes away Guide

    During the first stages of someone passing away, its a difficult time to process. Trying to figure out what to do next is can be overwhelming and confusing. So this guide has been developed to help you on the process of what happens after your loved one passes away. Download

  • 2. Funeral Pre Arrangement Information

    Information guide about pre-planning and pre-arranging yours or your loved one’s funeral. Download

  • 3. Pre-Arrangement Details Form

    This form are the questions that will be asked by the funeral director during the pre-arrangement or arrangement stages at the funeral home.​ Download

  • 4. My Funeral Plans

    Plan your arrangements by using these simple questions that creates the kind of funeral you want and deserve. Download

  • 5. My Estate to Do List

    After the funeral, there is often the matter of the Estate to clear up. This is a simple list of areas that need attention when someone dies. Sometimes it’s important that even for yourself to get your affairs in order so that those who are left behind understand exactly what needs to be done and cleared up. Download

  • 6. Repatriation Guide

    So you’re thinking of Repatriation or bringing a loved one back to New Zealand from abroad once they’ve passed away. Repatriation is the process when someone has lived or visited abroad, say in Australia, and when they pass they/or the family wish to have them brought back to New Zealand to lay in their final resting place. Download