Tania Maree Hadley

Rest In Love

Tania's Obituary.

Tania was a caring, loving and hard working mother. A cherished mother, sister and Aunty. Tania is loved by many. Taken too soon. We love you and you will remain forever in our hearts… Love You Long Time (LYLT), Deon and Ariana.


I have decided to postpone Mum coming back to the house until Alert Level 2. For now under Alert Level 3 there are too much restrictions around public gatherings for funerals. The country has worked so hard to eliminate this horrible virus and we are currently reporting zero new cases.

The over whelming response with people who want to attend visiting the home where mum will be for 3 days will not be possible until Alert Level 2.

Mum would want all who want to visit to be able to do so without restrictions and any interruption at our leisurely time and we will be able to do this without been rushed and people to come and go as they please.

The funeral directors have been absolutely amazing and provided our family with every thing we have asked for to make this possible to happen hassle free without hesitation.

I hope people respect this decision. Your health and safety is as important to me as it is laying mum to rest.

The best option is to wait until level 2 where restrictions are not so tight we can have 100 people attending without a hitch.

All I want is the best for everyone with any restrictions.

We as a country are not far off. I am saddened that this is the option but it is the safest and wisest.

We all will be able to celebrate the life Of Tania Hadley as she wanted very soon.

Thank you all,

Deon Johnson-Hadley